Make money Online Guide Book

Make money Online Guide Book

Internet marketing is a complication Venture . It is fraught with creative challenges,analitical work , and human interaction . It Hard to deduce,hard to explain, hard to simplify , and hard to correctly .

There are so many moving parts in each Internet marketing campaign that providing people with a one size-fits-all plan seems deeply misguided . It gives the Impression that success in internet marketing isn’t a dynamic process . 

It ignores the fact that creating a real , successful business with actual customers is’t as easy as taking the parts of a shelf out of a box and assembling them according to the instructions .

Being a successful Internet market is very different . It is not only about good plans, Good principles , and good approaches, but it is also about flexiblility, responsiveness , and dynamism. And that is exactly what i had in mind when I wrote this .

Instead of giving you a recipe for success , I’m going to give you a set of rules that are general enough to get you results and to set you on a path , but can do so without straight jacking you into a “business template” , where there is no room for your own thought , creative freedom and responsiveness .

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In the following sections ,I will reveal the 27 rules that I believe that all internet marketers should follow because they always bring results . Unlike other ebooks, this one won’t attempt to stuff you into a rigid template .

Instead , I will simple tell you what will work without mixing it with stuff that ” might work”  in certain situations .

Some of it will be philosophical ; some of it will be concrete .

But ,at the end of the day, all of it will help you to improve your mindset, your business  ,your relationships with your customers, and your bottom line .